Get to know our lovely exec team!
For all our exec’s favourite cocktails, go to the recipe section to try them yourself!

 Daniel Johnstone
Third year Maths student

My favourite cocktail is a pina
colada because it tastes like
being on holiday!


Vice President
Alexandra Chrysanthou
Third year English and Comparative
Literatures student.

I’m the vice president of the society so
I will be working closely with Dan to
make sure everything runs smoothly
and everyone is enjoying their cocktails.

A pina colada is my favourite cocktail
– I love any creamy cocktails really!


Social Secretary
Tiffany Au
Third year Biomedical Science student

As one of the two social secretaries,
my main role is organising socials and
interacting with members.

My favourite cocktail is Long Island
Iced Tea because it has all kinds of
alcohol in it and still tastes nice!


Social Secretary
Ryan Grainger
2nd year Computer Science student


Perry Jones
 3rd year Maths student
Publicity secretary
Amy Hodkin
Second year English Literature and
Creative Writing student

My role is organising and updating the
social media accounts to keep you all
informed about what events the society is running.

I love any fruity cocktails, especially a
passionfruit martini which is just so
delicious and tropical!

Resident Bartender
Vicky Fawcett
4th year Maths and Physics student


Sponsorship and Charities Officer
Neda Tomlinson
Second year Biology student.