Term 1

20th October- Cocktail Crawl!
Come along to our first cocktail crawl of the year! We will be going to 4 bars in Leamington that have fantastic cocktails, and then end at Smack!
We will be meeting campus dwellers at the bus interchange at 6:45 and going to our first bar at 7:30
More details about bars to come!

Wednesday 2nd November- POP! Hipsters vs Hippies
Come dressed up as a cool hipster or a classic hippie, there will be consequences for those who make no effort 😉
No need to buy a circling ticket as we will be circling in Bluebell Block 1 social space, buy tickets before they sell out! 

7th November- Meals and Cocktails at Turtle Bay
Come for a relaxed meal and delicious cocktails at our favourite Caribbean restaurant 🙂

18th November- Ready Steady Mix!- Hawaiian
 Join us Friday Week 7 for our first Ready Steady Mix of the year! We are having a Hawaiian theme, so wear your funkiest Hawaiian shirt! There will be a demonstration of a classic Hawaiian cocktail, the pina colada, and then a cocktail relay game. The winners then will get a random selection of spirits and ingredients and have to compete to make the tastiest, most original cocktail!

23rd November- Winter Cocktail Masterclass
Escape the approaching chill of winter and warm yourself up at our week 8 Winter Masterclass!
Learn and drink 3 seasonal cocktails that’ll be perfect to show off to your friends and family over the Christmas break. There’ll be free punch on arrival as well.

8th December- Christmas Drinks at Bourbon Smokehouse
Tis the season to drink, come at 7:30 to have a meal or just come along for 2 for 1 cocktails 


Term 2

13th January – Friday 13th Cocktail Crawl
Failed at dry January already? Want to celebrate surviving the first week of term 2? Come along for the first legendary cocktail crawl of 2017!
We will be hitting up our favourite bars: Bourbon Smokehouse: 8-8:45, Duke: 8:45-9:30, Las Iguanas: 9:30-10:15,  Turtle Bay: 10:15- close

16th January – New Year’s Resolution Masterclass
It’s only the start of term but do you already need some motivation to stick to your New Years resolutions? Come to our New Year Resolution Masterclass this Monday to learn how to make anti-oxidant fuelled, fresh and healthy inspired cocktails! No need to worry about ruining your new diet by binging on the usual sugary cocktails – this week we will be demoing 3 health-conscious cocktails (which are just as delicious):
Kiwi and Mint Tom Collins, Strawberry and Basil Bellini, and a Bloody Mary

Wednesday 1st February – Circling and POP!
It’s that time again! Join us week 4 for circling and POP, with the theme this time: dress as something starting with the first letter of your name, e.g Anna, apple (but you definitely need to be more creative than that) This is one you can really let your imagination run wild and as usual we will be shaming those of you who are not in the spirit! MAXIMUM EFFORT PEOPLE
As with every cocktail circle, we will be ditching the standard purple and expecting wonderful concoctions! We will be shaming the mainstream beer/wine drinkers (3 ingredients make a cocktail!)

2nd March – End of Term Masterclass
LAST MASTERCLASS OF THE TERM!! Wow this year went so quickly! Come to our very last masterclass of the term (and possibly the year 😢) where we will be demoing three delicious cocktails: Espresso Martini,  Buffalo Soldier, Long Island Ice Tea

17th March – Cocktail Club hit Kasbah!
Cocktail Club are finally hitting Kasbah! Celebrate the end of term with the exec from this year’s last event (cry) and lots of alcohol (yay!)
Tickets will include coach travel there are back (from leam and campus), entry AND A T-SHIRT!! We have also booked out the top of Kasbah at the start of the night for a pre-party! You don’t have to be a member, so bring all your flatmates!